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Proposed system for treating marijuana by the Health Canada

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Health Canada has proposed a new system for access to Medical Marijuana by patients in order to control its illegal exploitation and abuse by anti-social elements. With this new proposed system, the marijuana is to be treated like any other narcotics which are used for medical purposes. Also, the federal government is moving out of the production of Medical Cannabis and opening its market to licensed producers.

Current system

Currently, patients who need to use medical marijuana apply to the Health Canada for taking part in the MMAP or Marijuana Medical Access Program. In the event of acceptance of the application of the patients, they are allowed to grow marijuana at their homes or can purchase the same from any government producer or Marijuana Dispensary order online.

Concerns in the existing system

There are concerns about criminal activity for production and sale of Medical Cannabis as have been many negative results in the existing programs of them. For example,Marijuana Dispensary order online there have been licensed growers who employ unlicensed electricians and plumbers for their operation and thus posing danger to potential risks of fire or floods. There are also individuals who use multiple licenses for growing Medical Marijuana and are thus abusing the system. Another concern is that there are individuals who grow more marijuana than they actually use. Growers in the existing system are also at risk that criminals might just steal away the marijuana for illegal selling. There many doctors and patients who raised concern about red tape.

Proposed system

The new proposed system for treating Medical Marijuana sweeps out the government’s role in production and distribution of marijuana. Thus, individuals won’t have to take permit from government to grow marijuana at their homes for medical reasons. Under the new proposed system there will be a regulated body of licensed marijuana producers that meet strict security requirements laid down by the government. Patients can purchase marijuana from these licensed producers when they have doctor’s medical document which is similar to a prescription. Thus, individuals can choose their producers based on the quality, price, and strength of the product as well as customer service.

Cost concerns in the proposed system

Many people are criticizing the proposed system as the new system has given rise to cost concerns among the patients. While under the current system the marijuana costs are near around $5 per gram but with the proposed system the costs are likely to rise to about $8.80 per gram. It is posing a concern that with such raised costs, many patients may not be able to access marijuana as per their requirements.

Thus, the proposed system of regulated production and distribution of marijuana, unlawful access and sell for the same can be controlled. But the huge cost differences are likely to agitate the users who cannot afford to spend so much for their medical needs. The new system guidelines will be placed in March 2013 and are to be fully implemented from April 2014.

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Research shows Medical Marijuana effective with Sclerosis

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Research shows Medical Marijuana implementation against Sclerosis could be the imminent alternative

One of the 50 “Fundamental Herbs” traditional Chinese medicines, the prototype Cannabis Indica has been iconic in the care of gastrointestinal illnesses, as well as anorexia or glaucoma. Latest Research as published in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry shows that Medical Marijuana can also be applied in issues of Muscle and joint stiffness, particularly instances of Multiple Sclerosis.

Medical DoctorThe study shows that more than 90 percent of the instances of Multiple Sclerosis, the victims suffer from great stiffness in joints and ligaments as well as muscle strain during the course of their neurological or paresthetic imbalance causing disturbances in regular lifestyle.

The problem with most of the attempted techniques of treatment, most tend to return function and often prove fatal to the patients. Medical Cannabis on the other hand is now seen to have better results than most of the otherwise used pain relievers.

The aforementioned research has been attempted in controlled conditions on adult patients and it was extended to as many as 22 specialist centers across the UK and comparative study was carried out on the random division of such patients to be treated with Cannabis and placebo. This was practiced for a period of around 12 weeks.

This brief period of study itself showed sparkling results. While the amount of successful muscle treatment was about 30 percent among the patients treated with Cannabis, it has been just under 16 percent with conventional pain relievers. Also, the rate of relief from Joint stiffness and muscle strain was over twice as high with Medical Marijuana as compared to that with placebo painkillers. The new treatment showed better character in giving more eased regularity in daily activities as well as sleep quality.

There has been ample criticism of this study since the comparator used placebo which is, otherwise, an essentially useless drug. The critics say the more accepted strategies of treatment against MS should have been taken into account while testing the success of Cannabis.

In answer to above criticism the researchers have displayed the positive trend in the rate of muscle pain relief for the patients who were subjected to antispasmodic drugs while being treated with Cannabis. These patients, 40% of those who spent 3 months with Medical Marijuana, showed excellent amendment in the muscle health, improved sleep and reduced spasms. But, studies show that the side-effects of antispasmodic medicine was less efficiently controlled by Cannabis than the placebo pills.

This research has thrown upon us an effective and safe new alternative towards pain and spasm relief which is considered to be the prime limitation of Multiple Sclerosis. The cannabis extract could be now used as a considerably effective drug against muscle problems typical of MS.

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Society being Hurt by the Marijuana Laws

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Canada marijuanaIn the last few months, the US states Washington and Colorado have legalized medical marijuana trade and successfully have spread the awareness that marijuana activities are not productive for the general mass. Not only have these states, more than 12 countries around the world restricted giving rise to the criminalized pot smokers and controlled young people turning criminals by just decriminalizing the drug usage.

Bruce Owen, a Free Press reporter, had analyzed that Ottawa could save $2 billion and Manitoba, $ 600 million per year, had the Canadian government change the stuffy drug policies and taxes. This amount of money could have been applied for the health care, education and other social challenges that the society faces every day.

The Vancouver medical dispensaries have denoted that smoking marijuana is less harmful than consuming alcohol, chocolate doughnuts and cigarettes. Boozing was once banned, but now legalized again in order to spread the awareness of this being unproductive among the people.

According to the Forum Research of Toronto, its recent survey has found 65% of Canadians asking to legalize the trade and tax policies of the drug, or at least to decriminalize the same to a small extent.

Despite similar kinds of results repeatedly, the Prime Minister Stephen Harper has chosen to be firm enough not to change the policies, rather to be stricter regarding the penalties. This outdated mentality of the government body of Canada has actually made the country move backwards for about 40 years, according to a study.

The Commission of Inquiry for Non-Medical Use of Drugs has tried cancelling the laws regarding possession of medical cannabis in 1972. Led by Gerald Le Dain, the committee further proposed to legalize pot distribution. Though a progressive note, this issue was well avoided.

Another similar instance in 2002, the Senate and House committees recommended treating marijuana not as harder drugs, but like alcohol and tobacco. According to the committees, the penalties regarding possession of small amount of medical marijuana are definitely as harsh as the factor that marijuana is unhealthy.

A strategy was recommended then for the Justice and Health Ministers of Canada for legalizing the cultivation and possession of 30 grams of marijuana as far as personal use is concerned. Again this proposal was neglected, although the Liberal government has acted to ease the penalties for possession of pot.

While the senior and major Canadians are opposing the law, it is illogical that Harper and his colleagues are still determined not to bring changes for a more positive note. Their outdated mindset of solving the problems regarding health care with penalties and policies is actually increasing the rate of criminal offense all over the Canadian society.

The experts are finding in more difficult to realize that how the authorities are skipping out the factor that the concept of applying serious penalties and strict policies is already a failure. Time has come for the government bodies to act upon according to the personal interest and not stick to the failed concept for days.

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Laws on Marijuana in Canada and Favoritism of the Canadians

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According to a new poll, most Canadians support the decriminalizing of marijuana. The survey of Forum Research says that, about 67% of Canadians aged 18 years or older are asking for taxation and legislation of the pot acts. Or as an alternative, they are asking for the decriminalizing of medical marijuana of small amounts.

Among the 1,849 Canadians surveyed randomly by the poll, the percentage in support for legislation for the medical cannabis has fallen to 33% from 40% since December of 2011. On the other hand, the percentage in support for decriminalization has risen to 32% from 26%. But Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, the president of Forum Research, says that legislation is better for adaptation of the Liberal Party, and is definitely going against the natural strength of the government.

Medicake dbl choco chipJustin Trudeau, a Liberal leadership candidate, had also backed decriminalization recently. According to him, all must understand that no war on drugs is acceptable, neither effective. While opposing to the Harper government, Trudeau’s activities reflected upon the Safe Streets and Communities Act, where minimum sentence is to be applied for medical marijuana Canada possession.

This initiative made a group of law enforcement people send a warning letter, containing the possibilities of costly failures that the Conservative government might face. About 85% of the Canadians say that the penalties regarding the pots are acceptable.

The debates regarding the pots are around recently due to the studies of the Simon Fraser University and the University of B. C. The studies show that the estimated purchasing of marijuana per year in Canada is of about half of a billion dollars. This again raises questions regarding tax revenues.

It has been seen that the British Colombians, residents of Alberta, Ontario and Quebec mostly support the decriminalization of marijuana. Moreover, the votes of the US states of Washington and Colorado for making marijuana possession legalized have hugely affected the drug policies in the States.

Nevertheless, the health issues and the productivity declines are still the matters of concern in Canada and the USA. While the governments are trying to go with the public interest regarding medical marijuana Canada, their responsibility towards their people cannot be denied on the long run.

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Drug Laws of Canada – Ideology on Drug Policies attacked by the Public

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TORONTO – As the federal government is not taking any action regarding the decriminalization of medical marijuana, the scientific evidences are being affected by the political mentalities. According to the medical dispensaries of British Colombia, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, the government of Canada is not doing enough for the drug related crimes.

The representative group for the public health care administrators, the Urban Public Health Network, is trying to endorse the government bodies for straightening the policies regarding the drug related medical evidences.

Dr. Perry Kendall, the chief medical health officer of British Colombia, says that his medical team is finding it very difficult with the drug models they are receiving to work with. He continues by saying that the drug models are becoming ineffective while they are being handled in the current ways.

Dr. Moira McKinnon from Saskatchewan and Dr. Robert Strang from Nova Scotia are agreeing with Dr. Kendall on the fact that the war of drugs is giving rise to social illness more frequently than before. They have every reason to claim proper justice regarding the matter for the public provinces. Dr. Strang has even gone further asking for public and policy discussions with the authorities for the sake of the general mass rather than approaching individually.

The three doctors along with Dr. Evan Wood from B. C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS co-authored an analytic article explaining how the society in Canada would have been facilitated had the authorities applied the drug policies on drug addiction in a different way. Not a criminal issue, the legalities must control the drug addictive activities as a health problem, in accordance to their viewpoint.

From a conservative mind set up of the federal government of Canada, their drug policies are for the public interest as the medical cannabis are not legalized. They are further restricting tough on the drug dealers from selling the marijuana packs, as said by Join Baird, the Foreign Affairs Minister.

Interim Liberal Leader of the House of Commons of Ottawa, Bob Rae, has taken an upper hand on the Canadian government directly stating their drug policies as failed concepts. Baird has opposed to this and asked the liberal leader to create awareness among the Canadians on the fact that applying penalties regarding activities related to drugs like marijuana is essential for the country.

A medical officer of Toronto, Dr. David McKeown, said that treating people according to their morals and not according to the exact health interest is never appropriate, which is likely the same for the drug policies. The approach should not harm people’s morals and thus, must require legalizing Vancouver medical marijuana.

The Vancouver medical dispensaries reported that restricting drug usage has made things worse by criminalizing the trade, where the gangsters have become more active by attacking the peace policies of the public interest.

Their report also features Portugal’s activities regarding the same matter, where drug usage in that country has been decriminalized about 10 years back. Dr. Strange pointed out to the factor by saying that there will be reduction of drug related harms and increment of awareness on health care, if Canada follows Portugal’s path.

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