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And the latest……

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Hey Everyone!  Alan here, sitting in at the Kingsway location, on a somewhat dreary evening,  feeling relaxed and pretty good, despite the dreary skies!  I came across an article today, and found it to be quite interesting,  I will post a link to it below,  but its basically about a growing concern for an increase in the numbers of perspective people who will be driving, while under the influence of marijuana. Many States have been rather progressive with reform of Cannabis law,  and subsequently more people have been driving while high.  They have devised a “breathalyzer” of sorts,   but it has major problems….  read the following article, and come on in and lets discuss is,  I would love to hear what you all think!   Anyways, take care,  be healthy, safe and happy!

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Another great day! lets talk!

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Hey everyone!   Having a great day here,  out in the kingsway location,  been fairly slow today,  but that gave me some time to catch up on a few things that needed to be done.  One of the things I like about my job, is all the amazing people I get to meet, and deal with on a regular basis,  from our clients, distributors, growers, bakers… list goes on!  I get a chance to hear what everyone has to say,  about things going on here in Vancouver and surrounding area,  or things in this industry, or just about anything!  I appreciate the diverse crowd, with the variety of personalities, interests and ahem, fashion sense hahaha!    So thank you everyone for a great time, and hope for more good times to come,  please dont ever be shy to drop on by and just say hello!

In closing, please check out this youtube link, on reducing the smell of Marijuana!  enjoy!




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Sunny Monday, love it

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Hello everyone!  Alan here, would just like to express my appreciation for such an amazing sunny day today, I hope you all have a chance to get out, and help your body produce some vitamin D!  lol  We have some great specials today,  the MKU and UBC Chemo are still on sale for $8/gram,  both are a heavy hitting indica, that will help put you to sleep and help reduce inflammation in your body!  Hope you can come down and give them a try,  also, more for the connoisseur, we just restocked our Blue Dream strain,  great to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and just all around feel great!  Blue Dream is a unique cross between the ever famous Blueberry strain, and Haze, smells and tastes great too!


Anyways,  be well and feel great,  the power to change is within you!

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Nobody knows like the nose knows!

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Hello everyone!   Alan here,  its a late Friday afternoon,  and I thought I would share an article I found with you,  It about the newest form of Cannabis consumption… Nasal spray!  Yes that’s right, I said nasal spray,  similar in idea to things like Nyquil or other inhalants used for allergies.   This method serves cannabis into the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, for a very fast acting effect.  My first thought on this,  is that I think it would make Cannabis addictive, in a strange way,  there have been many people addicted to inhalant type drugs, and im not talking cocaine,  im talking things like Sudafed or Dristan,  many documented cases of inhalants causing not just an addiction to the product, but an addiction to the delivery method as well.  To play devil’s advocate to that last point,  you can argue the benefit of an inhalant, for the fact you will not be consuming combusted matter, therefore reducing carcinogenic materials in your body!   I would love to have a conversation about this with someone, if you ever wanted to drop by!   Anyways,  here is a link to the article I read..

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Everyday, in everyway, it gets better and better…..

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Hi everyone! Alan here again just to say hello and wish you all a happy Thursday, got a lot going on right now at Westcoast Medicann, got about 25 strains of cannabis in stock, with a large variety of Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids, The big favorite right now seems to be the UK Cheese, with its unique pungent aroma, and crisp euphoric sensation it creates, great for anxiety, stress and depression, also just great all around to help you relax! That is just one example of the cannabis we carry. I would also like to mention, at the Kingsway location we have introduced a new brand of edibles, coming from the company “Tree of Life” a husband wife team dedicated to providing the highest quality edibles, with a mandate to reduce the suffering of those in need, come on by and check out one of their brownies with peanut butter chips, or possibly one of their love crafted Nanaimo bars!

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Hear Yee Hear Yee!!!

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Hey everyone! hope you are all having a great day! just want to say hello and re-introduce the westcoast medicann blog! We will be doing updates daily, so keep hitting us up to check out the updates! New survey at our Kingsway location! If you fill out a survey and hand it in, it will be placed in a draw for a great prize! Anyways, thanks for stopping by, and keep posted on all the great things in store for the future!

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