A new system proposed by Health Canada for treating marijuana

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A new system of regulations has been proposed by the Health Canada for marijuana production, possessions and distributions. With this new proposal, marijuana is to be treated like a medicine and thus its production and distribution is to be commercialized. The new system is designed to create a licensed regulated commercial market for licensed marijuana producers. Also, the price of Medical Marijuana is likely to increase with the new system. The current price is about $1.80 to $5 per gram but the increased price could be up to $8.80 per gram.

The necessity of the new proposed system

According the Minister of Health in Canada, the current system of regulations for using medical marijuana is open to abuse. Therefore, a new system is needed to control any illegal activities yet allowing access to patients who have genuine medical needs. Thus, a right balance will struck between the public safety and access to patients.

Prior to the new system of using marijuana by people

Before the proposed new system, people who wished to use medical marijuana had to apply to the government for a permit. With this permit people were allowed to grow the marijuana themselves or could buy them from the government growers or medical dispensary.

New system of using marijuana by people

Under this proposed system, individual production of marijuana in the homes of people will be eliminated. Also, patients will not be required to apply to the Health Canada; they will no more be required of submitting their medical documents to the government. There will be a regulated system of commercial market where producers will be licensed to supply marijuana. The only requirement for patients is to have medical document or a prescription from the health care practitioners for obtaining Medical Marijuana from the commercial supplies. In addition to the health care practitioner the patients will not be required to consult any other specialists. With this new proposed system, the role of Health Canada in the process of authorization in the individual productions, possessions, supplies and distribution of marijuana is put to an end.

Requirements for becoming a licensed producer

In order to become a licensed marijuana producer, on is required to have valid security clearance which is authorised by the Minister of Health in Canada. It is required for the producer to employ persons with quality assurance. The employed people must be given proper training and have experience and knowledge as well. The producers of Medical Marijuana Canada must have their production at production site in indoors but not in their own private residences. The access to the production site must also be restricted. Along with this, 24 x 7 security camera systems and alarm systems must be employed. The producers are also required to provide their notification of application and details like the location of the site and other requirements to the government officials, the local police and the fire officials.

Thus, the Health Canada is taking a huge step for curbing out illegal activities on use of marijuana.

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