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Kingsway Location Changes!!

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hey guys!!!  big changes this week!!!  To combat the way cold and damp weather amplifies pain,   starting this monday, and every monday after, at the kingsway location only, we will be discounting all of our grams by $2!!  come one and come all for some cost effective medicine!  We will also be doing a weekly raffle, for a prize of $20 off your next purchase!!

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Hey guys!  just a quick message to let you know, effective immediately, the kingsway location will now be open sundays, 12-4  see you all there!!

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Stress, Anxiety.. whats the diff?? well, here it is….

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Hey everyone!  its a very nice sunny day today, but phew! is it ever cold!  I found a great article, I posted a link to it below,  it speak a lot about the difference between stress, and anxiety.  I have a lot of patients come in here, looking for relief from stress, very common,  but there seems to be a growing trend in people also suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.  This article attempts to explain the differences, and I think it does an admirable job,  please check it out, would love to discuss it with you!

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Leafly is great!

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Hey everyone!  Hope you are all having a great day today! its slow and quiet here but thats ok, I am in the middle of making a new menu board!  While doing some research on some new strains (Shark Attack, SK, Northern Lights, Dank) I came across a great article on Leafly, about typical etiquette while in a dispensary! hope you all check it out, it will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable here!

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Health….. the bigger picture

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Hey everyone!  Alan here, sitting at the kingsway location on a very sunny, bud cold November afternoon!  If you see a typo, it is because the sun is shining in my eyes, and I cant see the screen all that great!  I read an article, and I got excited to show it to you,   It is about some of the crazy additives in food, that we all consume on a regular basis.   I really think its great we have the ability to self medicate with the dispensary,  but I would like to just for a moment, promote the idea that a little knowledge can help you, prior to you reaching the point where you need medicine, be it Cannabis, pharmaceutical or otherwise.   I will post a link at the bottom, of  a really good guide to which foods are absolutely detrimental that we avoid, where they can be found and why we should avoid them.   I think with a bit of prevention, we can eliminate a lot of issues before the need to medicate arises!   anyways, please check out the link, and drop by and tell me what you think!

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well, sign of the times…

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hey everyone!! dreary Monday but I still feel great!   we got a whole bunch of new strains here today, but that’s not what I want to talk about today,  my mind is blown, they have invented a vending machine for cannabis, going to practically be a vault, with fingerprint technology,  just amazing, you got to read the article for yourself though

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Some may describe it as glorious……

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Hello everyone! Alan here, just though I would share with you an article I read today, about the enjoyment of cannabis, and a few suggestions as to what the author and his friends thought you should try out, next time you partake!  Would love it if you all dropped by and shared with me all the thing you enjoy while using cannabis!

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whats new?? check’er out!!

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Got our menu updates with leafly! click here to check out everything that’s new!!

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mmmmMMMMmmmmm Lemon-y….

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hey everyone!  dismal rainy day today but who cares?? we are used to this by now aren’t we? the good has to outweigh the bad or we would all move to California! hahaha anyways everyone, want to tell you about our new strain, kinda expensive but totally worth it,  it is Lemon Haze, smooth, pungent, few words I would describe my first sample of this flower,  it has a rather elegant smell, very true to its name with the lemon-y goodness combined with the haze undertones.  The high was uplifting, I felt great and not overly tired or burnt out, even after slightly over indulging for the evening!  here is a link to the leafly description,  we have it for $12 a gram now! come one come all!!

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Tuesdays gone… wait… still a few hours to go!

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Hey everybody!  gloomy Tuesday, but thats ok, still feeling great over here at the Kingsway location!  Had a great discussion today with someone about the advantages of sleep, when it comes to managing pain, and delaing with recovery,  here is a link to a pretty cool article on the psychology of insomnia,  I thought it was great i hope you all have a chance to read it!!

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