Billions of Dollars can be saved by Marijuana Legislation in B.C.

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According to a new study, the medical marijuana purchase rate in British Columbia is about half a billion dollars per year. The pro-legalization researchers are on the debate on the current law status regarding medical cannabis and talking about the government which is skipping a chance to gather revenue on taxes.

The Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia have produced research results, which include an annual value between $ 443 million and $ 563 million regarding the black market marijuana that is sold solely to the B. C. Residents in the first place.

The lead author of the study, Dan Werb, states that it is essential to follow the stats which conclude how many of B. C. Residents are using the drug, how much of it is used by them, and how much is the total worth. Also the co-founder of the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy, Werb confirms that this data is able enough to the drive the policies.

The study is a result of the researches made by the campaign associated by the experts of law and health. This growing campaign is aiming at influencing the B. C. Politicians for finding out an alternative to the present status.

Since the votes in Colorado and Washington have affected legalization of the activities regarding marijuana, the campaign has been inspired and the researchers of the study are already into the act of the arriving implementation regarding medical cannabis Canada.

An interesting data provided by the Health Canada and the Centre for Addictions Research of B.C., the population of the users of medical marijuana Canada is near about 3, 66,000. And, about $ 7.50 per gram of cannabis is the retail cost, as the data is compiled by the specialists.

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