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A new system proposed by Health Canada for treating marijuana

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A new system of regulations has been proposed by the Health Canada for marijuana production, possessions and distributions. With this new proposal, marijuana is to be treated like a medicine and thus its production and distribution is to be commercialized. The new system is designed to create a licensed regulated commercial market for licensed marijuana […]

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Dispensaries are Valuable

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There have been a lot of phone calls coming into Westcoast Medicann Society with serious concern about the new proposal the federal government has released in regards to medical marijuana and designated growers.  I thought the best way to talk about this issue is to respond directly to statements released by the media in an […]

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How to deal with the effects of your medicine

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It may be a big decision for some patients to choose marijuana as a therapeutic and medicinal treatment; knowing that the plant has those fun-loving THC molecules, there is often worry about the psychoactive effects that accompany its intake. There is an overwhelming agreement that cannabis lessens nausea and pain.  Many patients report it helps […]

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Importance of finding the right treatment

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Working in the Westcoast Medicann Society, the change in individuals after treating their health issues with medicinal marijuana is pronounced.  Often though, it takes time to figure out the best way of medical administration for our patients.  We recognize that each person has individual needs and will react to medicinal cannabis in individualized ways. There […]

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Alternative Therapies

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Westcoast Medicann Society will soon be introducing a doctor of Chinese Medicine as part of staff in our Cambie St. clinic. There are several types of alternative medical practices that are being used all over the world.  Their ideals are similar, and rather than the ‘take a pill, feel better’ approach I believe most conventional […]

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Cannabis and Cancer

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There has been an influx of ‘Cannabis Cures Cancer’ headlines I’ve noticed cropping up on Facebook and other daily scannings of social media websites. I have first hand knowledge of the therapeutic benefits cannabis provides to cancer patients, but what are the facts behind the research of cancer and cannabis? A blanket organization, The International […]

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The votes are in

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Lots of excited shop talk today at Westcoast Medicann Society! Colorado has passed an amendment to the constitution adopting a progressive and groundbreaking stance against marijuana prohibition in the state. Amendment 64 essentially allows persons over the age of 21 to legally obtain from state-licensed growers, processors and retail stores, and carry and use up […]

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There are a couple of products at Westcoast Medicann Society that have been getting a wave of attention. They are quite sleek and shiny, and come with chargers that plug into the wall. They are vaporizers. Westcoast Medicann Society is quite dedicated to selling medicine. There is a lot of variety to our products: we […]

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The cost behind medicinal marijuana

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Medication is expensive, but it is the price to pay when trying to lead a relatively normal life after trauma.  Modern science has given us many options for pain management and treatment – and has saved countless lives. However, some medicines offer greater benefits than others and there are heavy decisions to be made when […]

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Strains and medicinal targets

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When a patient and their doctor have decided that marijuana will be used as a medication, there is at first a sense of relief – then many questions arise. How much should I be prescribed per day?  How do I take my medicine?  What kinds of cannabis are there?  What do they do? Each individual […]

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