Decriminalizing of Marijuana in today’s Canada

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The war on drugs is becoming an economic issue for Canada, as stated by the economists of the country. The Union of B. C. Municipalities supports the public leaderships of British Colombia regarding the decriminalization of medical marijuana. A federal responsibility, the Criminal Code, is run by the provincial jurisdiction government, while the policies are applied by the municipal members.

From city streets to schools and other public places like bars and casinos, criminals are gunned down every now and then. And the criminals are born again within the children. On the other hand, the war on drugs is becoming a harsh breakdown.

The UBCM resolution in the midst is the sign of conclusion to the war on drugs. Its credible jurors are making the choice shortened for Stephen Harper, the prime minister; where he will have to pick one between the criminal activities and the medical cannabis possessions.

Important Stats

The report of B. C. Vital Statistics says that about 8146 people died in the country for addictive reasons in 2006. About 7958 of 8146 were addicted to alcohol along with tobacco. About 188 were associated with drug overdose, of which about 146 were linked to cocaine and heroin.

Another B. C. report of the same year on 220 deaths regarding illicit elements gives death percentage of cocaine identification in 79.5%, opiates of 60%, 14.1% of methadone, amphetamine or methamphetamine of 5.9%, 22.7% of alcohol, 10.5% of antidepressant, 3.6% of benzodiazepines, 78.6% of 2 or more substances and 34.5% of 3 or more substances. The most common was that of the poly substance usage.

These stats show that medical cannabis Canada is not a reason for addiction related deaths. In other words, marijuana is regarded as a less serious issue than alcohol. However, the governments are spending money on discouraging medical marijuana Canada while inspiring the increment of crime activities. As a matter of fact, the policies applied are encouraging the criminal acts in the country.

A lot of unemployed people are given the facilities of free health care, social service and education by the B. C. marijuana cartel. The Frazer institute says that about $ 7 billion has been spent on the industry. And the taxpayer is given an overwhelming amount of bill regarding policies, corrections and court orders. And numerous young people are going for brutal and exploitative life at the same time.

As far as the brutal life is concerned, the number of deaths since decades has increased as well. The late teenagers are shot down and killed viciously, which has become one of the most common phenomena in the country these days. In fact, the war on drugs has not only taken away money, it has also taken away dreaming and youthful guns of the bright future from the society.

Now the major question lies on how more long the war on drugs is going to be allowed by the federal government body. If the authorities are not going to take any further steps regarding this, another war of demands by the people will be created. The demand is to the government for ordering strictly to stop the war.

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