Drug Laws of Canada – Ideology on Drug Policies attacked by the Public

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TORONTO – As the federal government is not taking any action regarding the decriminalization of medical marijuana, the scientific evidences are being affected by the political mentalities. According to the medical dispensaries of British Colombia, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, the government of Canada is not doing enough for the drug related crimes.

The representative group for the public health care administrators, the Urban Public Health Network, is trying to endorse the government bodies for straightening the policies regarding the drug related medical evidences.

Dr. Perry Kendall, the chief medical health officer of British Colombia, says that his medical team is finding it very difficult with the drug models they are receiving to work with. He continues by saying that the drug models are becoming ineffective while they are being handled in the current ways.

Dr. Moira McKinnon from Saskatchewan and Dr. Robert Strang from Nova Scotia are agreeing with Dr. Kendall on the fact that the war of drugs is giving rise to social illness more frequently than before. They have every reason to claim proper justice regarding the matter for the public provinces. Dr. Strang has even gone further asking for public and policy discussions with the authorities for the sake of the general mass rather than approaching individually.

The three doctors along with Dr. Evan Wood from B. C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS co-authored an analytic article explaining how the society in Canada would have been facilitated had the authorities applied the drug policies on drug addiction in a different way. Not a criminal issue, the legalities must control the drug addictive activities as a health problem, in accordance to their viewpoint.

From a conservative mind set up of the federal government of Canada, their drug policies are for the public interest as the medical cannabis are not legalized. They are further restricting tough on the drug dealers from selling the marijuana packs, as said by Join Baird, the Foreign Affairs Minister.

Interim Liberal Leader of the House of Commons of Ottawa, Bob Rae, has taken an upper hand on the Canadian government directly stating their drug policies as failed concepts. Baird has opposed to this and asked the liberal leader to create awareness among the Canadians on the fact that applying penalties regarding activities related to drugs like marijuana is essential for the country.

A medical officer of Toronto, Dr. David McKeown, said that treating people according to their morals and not according to the exact health interest is never appropriate, which is likely the same for the drug policies. The approach should not harm people’s morals and thus, must require legalizing Vancouver medical marijuana.

The Vancouver medical dispensaries reported that restricting drug usage has made things worse by criminalizing the trade, where the gangsters have become more active by attacking the peace policies of the public interest.

Their report also features Portugal’s activities regarding the same matter, where drug usage in that country has been decriminalized about 10 years back. Dr. Strange pointed out to the factor by saying that there will be reduction of drug related harms and increment of awareness on health care, if Canada follows Portugal’s path.

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