Everyday, in everyway, it gets better and better…..

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Hi everyone! Alan here again just to say hello and wish you all a happy Thursday, got a lot going on right now at Westcoast Medicann, got about 25 strains of cannabis in stock, with a large variety of Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids, The big favorite right now seems to be the UK Cheese, with its unique pungent aroma, and crisp euphoric sensation it creates, great for anxiety, stress and depression, also just great all around to help you relax! That is just one example of the cannabis we carry. I would also like to mention, at the Kingsway location we have introduced a new brand of edibles, coming from the company “Tree of Life” a husband wife team dedicated to providing the highest quality edibles, with a mandate to reduce the suffering of those in need, come on by and check out one of their brownies with peanut butter chips, or possibly one of their love crafted Nanaimo bars!

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