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Hey everyone!  Alan here, sitting at the kingsway location on a very sunny, bud cold November afternoon!  If you see a typo, it is because the sun is shining in my eyes, and I cant see the screen all that great!  I read an article, and I got excited to show it to you,   It is about some of the crazy additives in food, that we all consume on a regular basis.   I really think its great we have the ability to self medicate with the dispensary,  but I would like to just for a moment, promote the idea that a little knowledge can help you, prior to you reaching the point where you need medicine, be it Cannabis, pharmaceutical or otherwise.   I will post a link at the bottom, of  a really good guide to which foods are absolutely detrimental that we avoid, where they can be found and why we should avoid them.   I think with a bit of prevention, we can eliminate a lot of issues before the need to medicate arises!   anyways, please check out the link, and drop by and tell me what you think!

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