Historical Landmarks of B. C. Marijuana Legalization Attempts

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The legislation regarding Canada medical marijuana is back to discussions among the British Columbians as soon as the Washington residents preferred to decriminalize the drug usage in recreational parameters. The vote in Washington occurred during the election of the US in November came around with this new legalization.

Canada is highly affected by the Washington vote. The recent debates are surrounding on how close the Great White North government is to legalize the medical cannabis and what will be the effects on the $ 7 billion marijuana industry of B. C.

There was a riot in 1907 by the Asiatic Exclusion League which saw Chinatown of Vancouver torn apart. The history of the legal matters of marijuana started right from that time, according to a report of the Senate committee in 2002.

The then-deputy minister of labor, William Lyon Mackenzie King, paid a visit to Chinatown looking for providing the required compensation right after the riot took place. There were activists who met him and asked for restraining the drug trade that was brought to the country by the Chinese. The Chinese workers there used marijuana for treating sickness and for recreational purposes. That was exactly the same way the native workers used alcohol in Chinatown.

King also noticed that the drug was used by the natives too. As a result of the meetings between King and the activists, the Opium Act of 1908 was evolved, which is now one of the major acts of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Today’s activists are looking forward in the present government regulations either being relaxed or dismantled completely.

The rules regarding the medical marijuana Canada were relaxed in 2002, but the Liberal government did not let these rules pass. Rather, the Conservative governing party had applied compulsory sentences for the drug related offenses.

For the time being, there is no forthcoming activity for decriminalizing medical cannabis Canada.

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