Options for Membership:

For basic membership have Physician statement (Form S) and the Membership Application filled out with your membership application (Code of Conduct).

To join Westcoast Medicann, you need to take one of the packages to your MD, Naturopath, or Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and have him fill out the form and sign it on your behalf.

Have the practitioner fax the signed “Physician Statement” from their office to us and we will call you when we get it and have you come in, sign the Membership form, pick up your membership card and you can start purchasing.

If the practitioner is a little worried to prescribe, give them the INTRO LETTER and theFORM L, which provide information and address liability issues.  This is a form made by the Canadian Medical Protective Association.



FORM S – Physician Statement to Westcoast Medicann.

INTRO LETTER – Introductory Letter to Doctor from Westcoast Medicann.

FORM L – Optional – CMPA Liability Release Form for Health Practitioners.

FORM R – Request For Release of Information to Westcoast Medicann.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION – Membership agreement

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