Laws on Marijuana in Canada and Favoritism of the Canadians

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According to a new poll, most Canadians support the decriminalizing of marijuana. The survey of Forum Research says that, about 67% of Canadians aged 18 years or older are asking for taxation and legislation of the pot acts. Or as an alternative, they are asking for the decriminalizing of medical marijuana of small amounts.

Among the 1,849 Canadians surveyed randomly by the poll, the percentage in support for legislation for the medical cannabis has fallen to 33% from 40% since December of 2011. On the other hand, the percentage in support for decriminalization has risen to 32% from 26%. But Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, the president of Forum Research, says that legislation is better for adaptation of the Liberal Party, and is definitely going against the natural strength of the government.

Medicake dbl choco chipJustin Trudeau, a Liberal leadership candidate, had also backed decriminalization recently. According to him, all must understand that no war on drugs is acceptable, neither effective. While opposing to the Harper government, Trudeau’s activities reflected upon the Safe Streets and Communities Act, where minimum sentence is to be applied for medical marijuana Canada possession.

This initiative made a group of law enforcement people send a warning letter, containing the possibilities of costly failures that the Conservative government might face. About 85% of the Canadians say that the penalties regarding the pots are acceptable.

The debates regarding the pots are around recently due to the studies of the Simon Fraser University and the University of B. C. The studies show that the estimated purchasing of marijuana per year in Canada is of about half of a billion dollars. This again raises questions regarding tax revenues.

It has been seen that the British Colombians, residents of Alberta, Ontario and Quebec mostly support the decriminalization of marijuana. Moreover, the votes of the US states of Washington and Colorado for making marijuana possession legalized have hugely affected the drug policies in the States.

Nevertheless, the health issues and the productivity declines are still the matters of concern in Canada and the USA. While the governments are trying to go with the public interest regarding medical marijuana Canada, their responsibility towards their people cannot be denied on the long run.

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