Nobody knows like the nose knows!

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Hello everyone!   Alan here,  its a late Friday afternoon,  and I thought I would share an article I found with you,  It about the newest form of Cannabis consumption… Nasal spray!  Yes that’s right, I said nasal spray,  similar in idea to things like Nyquil or other inhalants used for allergies.   This method serves cannabis into the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, for a very fast acting effect.  My first thought on this,  is that I think it would make Cannabis addictive, in a strange way,  there have been many people addicted to inhalant type drugs, and im not talking cocaine,  im talking things like Sudafed or Dristan,  many documented cases of inhalants causing not just an addiction to the product, but an addiction to the delivery method as well.  To play devil’s advocate to that last point,  you can argue the benefit of an inhalant, for the fact you will not be consuming combusted matter, therefore reducing carcinogenic materials in your body!   I would love to have a conversation about this with someone, if you ever wanted to drop by!   Anyways,  here is a link to the article I read..

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