Proposed system for treating marijuana by the Health Canada

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Health Canada has proposed a new system for access to Medical Marijuana by patients in order to control its illegal exploitation and abuse by anti-social elements. With this new proposed system, the marijuana is to be treated like any other narcotics which are used for medical purposes. Also, the federal government is moving out of the production of Medical Cannabis and opening its market to licensed producers.

Current system

Currently, patients who need to use medical marijuana apply to the Health Canada for taking part in the MMAP or Marijuana Medical Access Program. In the event of acceptance of the application of the patients, they are allowed to grow marijuana at their homes or can purchase the same from any government producer or Marijuana Dispensary order online.

Concerns in the existing system

There are concerns about criminal activity for production and sale of Medical Cannabis as have been many negative results in the existing programs of them. For example,Marijuana Dispensary order online there have been licensed growers who employ unlicensed electricians and plumbers for their operation and thus posing danger to potential risks of fire or floods. There are also individuals who use multiple licenses for growing Medical Marijuana and are thus abusing the system. Another concern is that there are individuals who grow more marijuana than they actually use. Growers in the existing system are also at risk that criminals might just steal away the marijuana for illegal selling. There many doctors and patients who raised concern about red tape.

Proposed system

The new proposed system for treating Medical Marijuana sweeps out the government’s role in production and distribution of marijuana. Thus, individuals won’t have to take permit from government to grow marijuana at their homes for medical reasons. Under the new proposed system there will be a regulated body of licensed marijuana producers that meet strict security requirements laid down by the government. Patients can purchase marijuana from these licensed producers when they have doctor’s medical document which is similar to a prescription. Thus, individuals can choose their producers based on the quality, price, and strength of the product as well as customer service.

Cost concerns in the proposed system

Many people are criticizing the proposed system as the new system has given rise to cost concerns among the patients. While under the current system the marijuana costs are near around $5 per gram but with the proposed system the costs are likely to rise to about $8.80 per gram. It is posing a concern that with such raised costs, many patients may not be able to access marijuana as per their requirements.

Thus, the proposed system of regulated production and distribution of marijuana, unlawful access and sell for the same can be controlled. But the huge cost differences are likely to agitate the users who cannot afford to spend so much for their medical needs. The new system guidelines will be placed in March 2013 and are to be fully implemented from April 2014.

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