Research shows Medical Marijuana effective with Sclerosis

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Research shows Medical Marijuana implementation against Sclerosis could be the imminent alternative

One of the 50 “Fundamental Herbs” traditional Chinese medicines, the prototype Cannabis Indica has been iconic in the care of gastrointestinal illnesses, as well as anorexia or glaucoma. Latest Research as published in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry shows that Medical Marijuana can also be applied in issues of Muscle and joint stiffness, particularly instances of Multiple Sclerosis.

Medical DoctorThe study shows that more than 90 percent of the instances of Multiple Sclerosis, the victims suffer from great stiffness in joints and ligaments as well as muscle strain during the course of their neurological or paresthetic imbalance causing disturbances in regular lifestyle.

The problem with most of the attempted techniques of treatment, most tend to return function and often prove fatal to the patients. Medical Cannabis on the other hand is now seen to have better results than most of the otherwise used pain relievers.

The aforementioned research has been attempted in controlled conditions on adult patients and it was extended to as many as 22 specialist centers across the UK and comparative study was carried out on the random division of such patients to be treated with Cannabis and placebo. This was practiced for a period of around 12 weeks.

This brief period of study itself showed sparkling results. While the amount of successful muscle treatment was about 30 percent among the patients treated with Cannabis, it has been just under 16 percent with conventional pain relievers. Also, the rate of relief from Joint stiffness and muscle strain was over twice as high with Medical Marijuana as compared to that with placebo painkillers. The new treatment showed better character in giving more eased regularity in daily activities as well as sleep quality.

There has been ample criticism of this study since the comparator used placebo which is, otherwise, an essentially useless drug. The critics say the more accepted strategies of treatment against MS should have been taken into account while testing the success of Cannabis.

In answer to above criticism the researchers have displayed the positive trend in the rate of muscle pain relief for the patients who were subjected to antispasmodic drugs while being treated with Cannabis. These patients, 40% of those who spent 3 months with Medical Marijuana, showed excellent amendment in the muscle health, improved sleep and reduced spasms. But, studies show that the side-effects of antispasmodic medicine was less efficiently controlled by Cannabis than the placebo pills.

This research has thrown upon us an effective and safe new alternative towards pain and spasm relief which is considered to be the prime limitation of Multiple Sclerosis. The cannabis extract could be now used as a considerably effective drug against muscle problems typical of MS.

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