Sunny Monday, love it

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Hello everyone!  Alan here, would just like to express my appreciation for such an amazing sunny day today, I hope you all have a chance to get out, and help your body produce some vitamin D!  lol  We have some great specials today,  the MKU and UBC Chemo are still on sale for $8/gram,  both are a heavy hitting indica, that will help put you to sleep and help reduce inflammation in your body!  Hope you can come down and give them a try,  also, more for the connoisseur, we just restocked our Blue Dream strain,  great to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and just all around feel great!  Blue Dream is a unique cross between the ever famous Blueberry strain, and Haze, smells and tastes great too!


Anyways,  be well and feel great,  the power to change is within you!

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