The Marijuana Miracle – Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis

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Though branded under many disguise names marijuana has its ancestry in central and southern Asia. Early Asian communities and cultures well known to have used cannabis include Nihang Sikhs from ancient territories of India and Nepal.

But marijuana was not restricted to Asian communities, some primeval communities who were well aware of the psychoactive potency and effects of the plant used it for many occasions. Marijuana was commonly used in religious ceremonies and burning rituals referred to as “gunubu” translated to mean ‘way to produce smoke’. The Assyrians used it for religious ceremonies where it was burned to give a ‘trance’ (stupor) state of the people who inhaled the smoke.

Cannabis has been progressively trans-versed continents starting in Asia, India, and then to North Africa but its use reached Europe at least as early as A.D. 500. In Romania charred remains of marijuana were sighted giving evidence that marijuana may have been smoked as early the 3rd millennium.

Arrival in America
Marijuana was introduced in America by the Spanish and the English introduced it in Jamestown in 1611. Marijuana was essentially at first grown as a major commercial crop that was used as a source of fiber.

The proliferation in use of marijuana as a drug began in the early 1920’s. Marijuana clubs commonly referred as ‘tea pads’ became the fashion and spontaneously sprouted all over the country. Marijuana was not considered a social threat.

it had been widely used as an intoxicant between 1850s and 1930s,  But following a campaign conducted by the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous drugs, marijuana was categorized as a highly intoxicating drug and also very addictive. In 1960s hippy college students used it a symbol of defiance and rebellion.

Medicinal benefits of Marijuana
It is has been debated as one of the most controversial plant in the world. Cannabis (marijuana) Marijuana has either been expletively used to win some political discourses or by behemoth medicine industries have tried as much to hide the real benefit of the drug as they aim to exploit the medicine market.

Though the use of marijuana for recreational purposes sets a controversial debate, many people including doctors believe that the drug should be made legally available for medical uses.
Psychiatrists believe the drug could be used to treat over 200 hundred medical ailments such as stuttering, insomnia, premenstrual syndrome, and writer’s cramp.
While there thrives a contested debate concerning the healthy benefits and side effects of smoking marijuana, the new legalization sets the stage for medical researchers to study marijuana’s medicinal value and how it impacts the body.

In two states in America, Colorado and the law was passed to allow recreational use of marijuana.
The National Cancer Institute approves the specific use of marijuana for treating chemotherapy side effects, increasing appetite, improving sleep and relieving pain among others.


  • – It relieves arthritis discomfort
  • – Sativex, which is a cannabinoid medicine used for relieving pain; it helps to significantly reduce inflammation and alleviate pain for people with rheumatoid arthritis disease.
  • – Marijuana suppresses cancer cells from spreading
  • – A chemical found in marijuana stops cancer from spreading. Cannabidiol, a chemical substance found in marijuana prevents cancer cells from spreading.
  • – Marijuana may decrease anxiety
  • – Patients who have used medicinal marijuana claim that it helps them suppress anxiety. Medicated doses of marijuana improve the smoker’s mood and acts as a medical sedative when taken in low doses. High intake may accelerate anxiety and eventually cause paranoia.
  • – THC slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • – An active chemical (THC) i found in marijuana may be able to slow down the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease. It slows the growth of amyloid plaques; amyloid plaques are what kill brain cells. THC actively blocks the formation of the amyloid plaques.
  • – Marijuana can be used to prevent blindness from glaucoma.

Diseases such a glaucoma which increase the eyeball’s pressure and ultimately damaging the optic nerve leading to total vision loss. But marijuana can be used to decrease the pressure in the eye it helps lower the interocular pressure (IOP) I people with glaucoma and slows the chances of one becoming blind.

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