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There are a couple of products at Westcoast Medicann Society that have been getting a wave of attention.

They are quite sleek and shiny, and come with chargers that plug into the wall.

They are vaporizers.

Westcoast Medicann Society is quite dedicated to selling medicine. There is a lot of variety to our products: we sell herb, oils (edible and smokable), cookies, brownies, popcorn, suckers, gummy candy, capsules and budder (just to mention a few).

Although our equipment selection is very limited, we have had one herbal vaporizer in stock for some time.

The Arizer Solo is a battery powered portable vaporizer made by a Canadian manufacturer and produced by Arizer Tech. Equipped with a ceramic heater core, the Arizer Solo heats up extremely fast and is easy to use. The Arizer Solo also features an all glass mouthpiece and a borosilicate glass bowl. The battery on the Arizer Solo is a long lasting lithium battery that recharges in only 4 hours and will give 4 hours of continuous use depending, on the temperature setting.

The Arizer Solo will shut off automatically after 12 minutes of non-use. The LED indicators show the current temperature of the vaporizer. The Solo is designed to remember the previous used temperature when turned off/ on.

The Arizer Solo measures about the size of a small energy drink can and weighs less than 200 grams making it a highly portable vaporizer. The Solo vaporizer is easy to use, fast, efficient and quickly concealed in a pocket or purse. This unit has been recognized as the best portable vaporizer is many Arizer reviews and customer feedback agrees that the Arizer Solo is a great choice for a new vaporizer.

On top of being such a conveniently totable little piece of equipment, there are health benefits to choosing a vaporizer over the traditional marijuana cigarette.

Flame, as in a burning cigarette, creates smoke and gaseous toxins that can be harmful when inhaled. Vaporizers heat dried cannabis (or other organic matter) at lower and even temperatures – to the point just before combustion, or flame. This method captures the vital elements (the cannabinoids and THC) and enhances them with the heat, basically turning them into their purest forms, without damage to the product or the patient.

The patient breathes the vapor. Which, as a side effect of the heating process, has little to no odour.  So the possibility of publicly taking one’s medication without worry of judgement, or lawful interference, increases.

Because the essential elements of the medicine are accentuated through the vaporization process, the effects are concentrated as well. Clear, clean feelings of well-being are experienced, and one has more control over the stony strength.
Only dried herb should be used in this particular type of vaporizer. There are also oil vaporizers, one which we now carry as well.

The premise is the same, however oil vaporizers use cartridges of concentrated hash oil (or honey oil) and are heated the same way. A slow and steady rise in temperature (which actually isn’t that slow) warms the oil into a vapor which can be inhaled. The exhale is relatively odorless as well.

Anytime anything, including cannabis, is converted into an oil, the potency increases. Oil vaporizers promise very strong effects with very little use. One cartridge of oil used in a vaporizer can last up to three weeks, or 300 pulls.

When using a vaporizer, a patient usually finds they buy less product as their medicine lasts longer. The long-term economical advantage of vaporizing is worth the initial output of money to purchase the equipment up front.

Westcoast Medicann Society is dedicated to providing healthy choices to all its patients. The vaporizers we supply are small and discreet, work well, and are reasonably priced. However, our selection is not the widest in the land, so let us refer you to some fantastic smoke equipment shops in Vancouver that have a greater range of vaporizers for you to choose from.

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Ignite Smoke Shop

New Amsterdam Cafe

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